Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Forever In My Heart

On May 29th, 2014, my father's battle with cancer had ended and he's now in heaven with the Good Lord. He's been fighting this for a year. It started in his prostate and after surgery, they didn't see any signs of spreading. But 6 months later, he went in for pain that he was having and they had informed him that the cancer had spread into his bones. He was strong and didn't show his struggle or pain in front of us. I kept praying for him, laid hands on him and had everyone I knew praying. I was believing for a miracle. I actually had given my father scriptures to speak over him daily to strengthen him. I also had the privilege of leading my father to Christ. I was able to pray that prayer with him and he was on fire for God, he attended church even when he felt the biggest attacks on him on our way to church. Most times, we'd have to leave immediately after the message because he felt sick. But he had hope. He was so young- 3 days shy of his 57th birthday. The last month, there was a significant change in him, I could see it, but still had hope for that healing miracle. My father was a very good man and my parents were inseparable. They have true love and he was full of love. He held our family together, always was kind and helpful and he is greatly missed. My mother, brothers and I were with him during his last breath here on earth. Even though I knew that he had passed, I still can't believe it? It felt so surreal. I can still picture him in certain parts of our house or yard, my grandmother had seen someone walking in the yard one day where my dad used to walk through to the garage. We have a 6 ft vinyl gate and when she checked, it was closed. No one in the yard and my dog was loose, which she made no noise at all. Only makes us think that he's still here with us, making sure we're all ok, like he always had. My mother is taking it really hard, but we're all taking turns comforting her, strengthening her and just being there with her. We are in the process of planning his services and we were just discussing last night on what quote to use- "forever in our hearts" was one that we came up with. This morning, I came into work and my coworker, who is a sister in Christ, gave me this beautiful card and made 2 necklaces, 1 for my mom and the other for me. She said the day I told her about my father, she saw a picture of this open heart and felt that God told her to make it for me. This is so touching and beautiful! He knows just how to comfort us. This will always remind me of my dad's heart of love that he had, that he will always be in my heart and that God will always comfort me when I have a broken heart. Thank you Father for being my comforter during these times! Thank you Ivey Akuna for making this for me, I will truly cherish this.